We love Instagram, its images, its stories and how easy is to communicate with followers through its audiovisual content. Instagram is the social network with the most active users and is growing at an extraordinary pace.

However, there are also downsides: It’s very difficult to lead users to a specific webpage.

Apart from using a link in the bio, there are a few limited options:

✅ Adding a NON-clickable URL in each content or using apps that allow adding a link that must be inserted in the image’s text.
✅ Through ads that will direct your audience to a specific landing.
✅ Changing the link in the bio each time we publish something new with the inconvenience of having to edit the content to send users to that URL.

However, all these options are only part solutions. You must either go to the link in the bio each time, copy the link manually from the text of a publication or spend a lot of money on Instagram ads.

Because of this, we can’t really take advantage of all the potential this network has to offer and start guiding traffic to our website to buy something, read an article or look up a service.