Game Channel on YouTube

Modern YouTube is a huge collection of millions of videos on various topics. Here you can find video blogs about food, discussions about current events, videos for dwarfs and much more. Everyone chooses the appropriate content for themselves. Same about the creators of videos – everyone chooses what to make the next video about and how to get views for YouTube. An interesting solution could be creating videos about games. The majority of viewers of such channels are a young audience, which means that they are easier to use for receiving views.


  • Playing games for a wide audience
  • Game selection
  • Stream or video?
  • Editing videos
  • Conclusion

Playing games for a wide audience

Creating videos about games is a favorite way to entertain younger audience. The competition here is quite high, but no one bothers to find something that will distinguish them from other bloggers. For example, you can publish videos only about certain games. Or, if you have time, you can spend time on complex video editing. In any case, your main task as of a video creator is to find your own “trick” and to use it successfully.

Game selection

Choosing the right game for a new video is a difficult task. It is best to choose something interesting for the modern audience. Many people like strategies and games where one needs to think. Besides, sports simulators are popular. You can focus on the narrower categories, where there are less viewers, but the development will be faster. Keep in mind that videos collect the most YouTube views in 24 hours, then views continue growing, but not so actively. This will allow to find the right time for posting.

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Stream or video?

Recently, YouTube has opened a new opportunity for its users – game streaming. For this, an internal system called “YouTube Gaming” is used. It also allows to develop the channel more actively and get more viewers. However, is it a big advantage? Wouldn’t it be easier to spend time on creating another video instead of streaming? There is no right answer to this question. Some people like creating videos, others like streaming. The most effective combination of these two tasks would be: holding one or two streams per week and posting up to seven videos per week.

Editing videos

No less important role as videos plays their editing. It is necessary to properly select the program for editing to get the most beautiful image. The most popular program these days is Sony Vegas, which has all the necessary functionality. However, many people make a choice in favor of Adobe product. It is somewhat easier to learn, and the end result is not worse than the one from Sony’s competitors.

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Creating your own gaming channel is a difficult task that requires patience. However, if you go through this thorny path and find your niche, you will gain views, donation and popularity. General YouTube trends show that the game content remains one of the most looked for. This means that the creation of such content is a profitable occupation.