Some Tips on Managing a Telegram Channel

Telegram channels are a relatively new and interesting way of creating a resource for delivering information to the followers. But to make the audience grow with new users every day is quite difficult. To make the resource popular, consider our tips before creating the channel.

• Create an interesting Telegram channel
• Decide on a subject
• Buy ads after gaining the first thousand of followers

• Specify contact info
• Do not forget about chat
• Use mutual PR
• Do not overuse text formatting
• Do not hide ads
• Conclusion

Create an interesting Telegram channel

Nowadays, only lazy people do not know about telegram channels. Creating them is a great way of communicating with followers. This format is ideal for mailing, publishing news and other information. Would you like to create a channel? Use our tips from below.

Decide on a subject

Channels about everything in the world are not popular. It is much more difficult to promote them than the thematic resources. Your channel will be advertised by the followers to their friends. They should talk about a “cool channel about making money online” or “channel with great articles about self-development”. That’s how word of mouth works, which will regularly supply you with the new followers. If possible, it is better to buy Telegram accounts with live followers.

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Buy ads after gaining the first thousand of followers

Recruiting the first thousand followers is pretty easy. The main thing is to publish content that will be interesting for reading. Go through the directories and ask them to publish information about you. Something can be published for free.

When you have a thousand audience, you can buy real Telegram members through advertising. New users will see your audience and start following you. If you have 100 people in your followers, then users who come from advertising would not like to join. You will throw money away.

Specify contact info

When creating a channel description, specify the admin nickname and the contact info. There is a possibility of feedback on Telegram and it must be used. Thanks to such a private channel of correspondence with the users, you can make your resource more interesting and interactive.

Do not forget about chat

When the channel grows, you can create a public super group. Devote a chat to answering followers’ questions, finding new topics for the posts, or engaging your audience in your content.

Telegram chat enhances the audience loyalty. But it creates additional difficulties. There are always those who will write nasty things. Do not forget to ban them.

Use mutual PR

If you are an experienced Telegram user, you are also tired of these lists of interesting channels that pop up in your follows regularly. This is a good way to promote the channel, but if you overuse it, the followers will get deleted.

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Do not overuse text formatting

Your posts should be easy to read. Eyes get tired from bold, italic fonts, color changes of letters, thus such text is unlikely to be read by anyone. Do not mock at your followers. Remember that content is important, not its form.

Do not hide ads

Even if you decide to advertise on your channel, you should not mask it. Followers will definitely recognize such a “knight’s move” and will not approve it. A promotional text can be marked as an affiliate post. Let the followers decide what to do with it. Honesty is an important factor in promoting Telegram.


To create and maintain an interesting channel, follow the rules indicated on this page of our site. Do not wait until the number of channels in this messenger increases until promotion becomes a challenge. Get started now.