Telegram is the Future of Social Networks

During the last three years Telegram has been gaining momentum in its development. Many active users of social networks would like to know how to create the best Telegram groups to gain followers. Being created as a regular messenger, this tool successfully combines the functions of a social network and a communication tool. Therefore, the question: “How to boost up my Telegram channel members?” becomes increasingly popular.

• What is Telegram
• Differences of Telegram and other messengers
• Benefits
• Disadvantages
• Telegram features
• Channels
• Bots
• Audio messaging
• Secret groups

What is Telegram

Telegram was created about 6 years ago by the brothers Nikolay and Pavel Durov. To the present day, this has been the safest way to communicate and transfer data in different formats. It is surprising that the utilities gained the immense popularity without attracting advertising and donations from users, but only due to the numerous positive qualities.

Even more striking is the fact that the creators are not trying to earn in on their invention, but rather provide this opportunity to the others: the protocol, API and a source code of the application are freely available. Any user can use this data to attract a basis to their development.

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Differences of Telegram and other messengers


Being created as a means of transmitting text messages and files of various kinds, Telegram today has become a platform for promotion. Many users managed to appreciate the great functionality, security, simplicity and convenience of the tool and gradually transfer their followers to this space. There are a lot of positive qualities that distinguish Telegram from other messengers, such as:

• ability to create chats with a huge number of participants – up to 5,000 people;
• high level of security. No one has managed to crack the security code until today, the privacy settings are offered among the settings, and messages are deleted immediately after being read;
• the app allows to transfer files up to 1.5 GB in different formats: rar, Excel, PDF, MP3, jpeg;
• transferred files can be saved in the cloud;
• instant delivery of text and other messages;
• synchronization with one or several devices at once.


Like any invention, Telegram has its drawbacks, however, in comparison with its advantages, they lose their relevance:

• English-language program interface. Although this drawback is easily eliminated with the help of a bot;
• the application allows to exchange only text and file messages, there are no video calls yet.

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Telegram Features


Among the reasons why Telegram is so popular among the bloggers and entrepreneurs is its public channels. You can invite from 200 to 5000 people to a group chat. Only the creator of the channel has the right to create posts, followers can only view and share news with their friends. Hot topics for the groups:

1. Entertaining content, humor
2. Sharing news in interpretation or with reasoning
3. Music


Convenient and functional automated assistants provide the ability to transfer money, order food or goods, sign up for procedures, buy or book tickets, and much more.

Audio messaging

Voice messages can be exchanged in different messengers. In Telegram, this feature is different, that is that you can listen to the recording when texting another user. In addition, the sent message can be listened when the phone is brought to the ear, which greatly simplifies the process.

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Secret groups

The personal life becomes a secret again with the help of the special Telegram feature. Settings allow to program the chat for being deleted in a certain time. No one will ever know what correspondence was about and what files were transferred there. In the group chats, you can appoint an administrator who will monitor the order and compliance with the rules.


We mustn’t let the iron grew cold, and Telegram is currently one of the most advanced tools that is popular and gaining momentum in promotion. It is quite simple to promote the channel on your own without any financial investments, using only the provided tools, if your approach this task responsibly and seriously.