YouTube: Nuances of the Algorithms Work

First of all, the newbie blogger chooses a YouTube channel name. Then they confirm their account. Next they figure out how to create a YouTube video. But after uploading and processing, the added video has few views, likes, comments. How to deal with it using the features of the platform algorithms?


  • The main thing is the interest of the audience
  • Seasonal changes
  • Experiments
  • Artificial stimulation of the audience
  • Conclusion

The main thing is the interest of the audience

The algorithms work as follows: each viewer receives only videos that are interesting for them. Many YouTube newbies believe that certain genres of videos get to the recommended more often than others. Frankly speaking, the content format does not have a key meaning. The main factor is the interest of the viewer to the video. What is also important:

  • how much time the viewer spends on viewing;
  • what videos get likes and dislikes;
  • what videos are preferred to be hidden.

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Seasonal changes

Channel performance may change over time even in a negative direction, but this is not a cause for a serious concern. The desires of the audience are quite changeable. This week the interest of the audience is at the maximum level, and next week it is almost nonexistent. Therefore, try not to make hasty conclusions, because it is better to judge the effectiveness of the chosen channel development strategy after the results of a thorough analysis over a certain time range.


Everyone engaged into creative activity wants to try something new sooner or later. If you are at the beginning of the journey, experiments will help find your own style that will appeal to the audience. But if you have an existing subscriber base, you need to consider their opinion. An abrupt change of content can lead to the massive unsubscribing, dislikes, angry comments. Therefore, try to either warn about the experiments in advance, or make content similar to the classic.

There is another situation – when the existing content is outdated, either morally and / or not trending. In such cases, there is a fading interest of the viewer to the videos. Here it is worth thinking about a sharp change in the format and / or orientation of the videos. We would recommend using the 2 + 1 formula, where 2 is the number of videos on the same topic, then an experimental video is added, and then 2 regular ones again.

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Artificial stimulation of the audience

In addition to the natural methods, you can use the promotion with the help of ALL-SMM. It will be a great way out for both new video bloggers who want to quickly gain the main database of subscribers, and already popular ones – to maintain good activity of the audience. By boosting likes, comments, views, you can promote the video in YouTube algorithms really well, this will lead to its spread through the whole platform by itself.


In the battle for the attention of the audience there are no bad ways, but there are ineffective ones. Order promotion, experiment with content, follow the desire of the audience – and you will not even notice how you get your first award from YouTube for 100 thousand subscribers.